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1095 Print to Mail Services

EnAct provides solutions for ACA compliance at an affordable price compared to our competitors. We offer full-service print to mail and e-filing services thereby reducing your need to spend time and money on completing these mandatory IRS requirements. Our complete solution for ACA compliance, EnAction, provides an easy to use format for uploading your employee information, prints and mails your 1095 forms in a secure, sealed manner, and provides e-filing with the IRS.

Let EnAct handle your ACA needs!

Why EnAction?

Generated nearly a million 1095-C in the first filing year.
Easy to populate and edit 1095-Cs.
One click print to mail fulfillment.
Guides you through the highly complex e-filing process.
Pinpoints exact form that has generated the IRS error.
Easy to address errors the IRS identifies and re-file.
Provides significantly better than average e-filing completion rate.
Single source for monitoring the e-filing process.
Documentation of compliance with IRS requirements.
Alerts and messaging related to the evolving ACA requirements.
ACA knowledge center.
Easy to use.

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EnAction – the cloud based solution that aids in minimizing the hassle of printing and mailing your 1095-C forms and navigating the complex electronic IRS filing process. The solution includes an in-depth, searchable ACA knowledge center to provide you with current ACA information.

Data Entry

  • Upload census data
  • Enter codes and amounts
  • Validate and review

Print & Mail

  • Pressure-sealed Forms
  • IRS Required Format
  • Advanced Address Verification

IRS e-Filing

  • eFiling Submission
  • Correction and Resubmission
  • Archive


customer service, timeliness, & consistency

We have decades of combined HR, legal, and regulatory experience, allowing us to work with a wide variety of data sources for populating forms. Our firm prints, mails, and e-files 1094 and 1095 B and C series IRS forms as required under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). In order to better serve your needs, EnAct has partnered with SyncStream Solutions™, a strong player in the market for ACA compliance and reporting.


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